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Coding pixel-perfect email templates, deploying campaigns & setting up automation. You can rely on us for everything about email.


500+ Brands & Agencies Love Us Globally

We are the all-time partner for our clients with all their email marketing requirements. Our clients love our work. We have delivered thousands of email templates that render well across all email clients. We have been a secret arsenal for many marketers helping them with list segmentation, deployment and A/B testing their programs to get the best ROI. Our quick turnaround time, excellent creative support, outstanding technical assistance are a few things that our clients love about us.


Coding 3000+ Email Templates Monthly

We code more than 3000 templates on an average in a month. We are specialized in creating interactive email templates that support 50+ ESPs. Also, we have a huge team that makes each one brainstorm on each email template requirement and deliver the best out of it. We have a bandwidth of 150+ full-time email experts who work hard to deliver rightfully tested and creatively designed email templates.

24 x 5 Email Operations Support

Running larger email programs and deploying hundreds of emails requires thorough process orientation, precision for quality & strong production support. So, without proper operational support, it’s almost impossible to carry on with the email campaign management or delivery. Build your business an Offshore Remote Teams model for your email campaign delivery, management, automation, etc. Our team act as the load-bearers for the email operations and makes sure that everything goes on flawlessly.


Data Driven Email Automation

Setting up automated email programs & journeys that rely on human intelligence and data-driven insights is an art & science. Though there are many smart platforms available like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot & more to help marketers sail this journey effectively, using those tools requires a depth understanding of technology & marketing. Plan Z has trained and skilled professionals who can help you to get the best out of your automation endeavors. Whether it’s about setting up the automation, data structure mapping, integrations with various systems, or maintaining your programs.

Product demos

Marketing videos help customers visualize the benefits of your offerings. A step-by-step product demo, led by a professional presenter, provides customers with valuable insights. Demos can support the sales process by providing potential customers with essential knowledge about your products and services.
Effective product demos replicate the user experience, allowing customers to see firsthand how your offerings solve problems. Using storytelling elements, live-action video combined with dynamic text makes a lasting impression on customers.


Offshore Remote Teams

Email marketing is a huge process and involves a lot of support on ongoing and on-demand basis. Once we understand your exact needs we can build you an Offshore Remote Team specializing in Email Marketing 100% dedicated to your business. Whether you need support for template production, campaign deployment, QA, or automation setup and maintenance, our team can come to your rescue on a full-time or part-time basis. At Plan Z, we have been working with 50+ ESPs and all popular marketing automation tools like Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot & more. You get skilled experts ready to be your companion, without getting into integrity to hiring and training at your end.

Video Production Service

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