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A tactful strategy is what keeps a successful marketing campaign going.

We also believe the same for the social platforms. Social media plays a major role in marketing campaigns; our dedicated team is efficiently working on not only creating but also accomplishing in carrying out distinctive strategies for your priceless brand. It has always been a tricky question on how to potentially use the social media for the benefits of one’s own brand and product. The answer always lies in targeting the audiences, providing pertinent content and most importantly in meaningful conversation. Plan Z is dedicated to remain a step ahead of every online trend and encourages your brand to stand at front of this big social media world.

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Brand Awareness
For startups and small businesses.
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • 8-10 posts per month
  • Original Content Creation for SMM
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Single Account Manager
  • Analyze Performance
  • Reporting
  • Up to two hours of consultation per month
Brand Boost
For corporate & e-commerce.
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • 12-16 posts per month
  • Original Content Creation for SMM
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Single Account Manager
  • Analyze Performance
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Up to four hours of consultation per month
Brand Awareness
For startups and small businesses.
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • 8-10 posts per month
  • Original Content Creation for SMM
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Single Account Manager
  • Analyze Performance
  • Reporting
  • Up to two hours of consultation per month
Brand Boost
For corporate & e-commerce.
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • 12-16 posts per month
  • Original Content Creation for SMM
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Single Account Manager
  • Analyze Performance
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Up to four hours of consultation per month
FEATURES Brand Awareness Brand Boost CUSTOM
Original Content Creation for SMM
Social Media Calendar Organization
Post Promotion (Ad Boost Management)
Community Management (10 responses per day)
Platforms Included: Facebook & Instagram
More Social Networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) $150/mo per network $150/mo per network $150/mo per network
Initial Campaign Strategy
Single Account Manager
No Setup Fee or Initial Campaign Investment
Analyze Performance/Reporting
Up to two hours of consultation per month
Post Frequency Upto 12 Posts Per Month Upto 20 Posts Per Month Contact Us
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Need more? Reach out to us and learn how we can customize a plan specifically for you. Need more services? Check out our common requested add-ons after people review our social media management pricing.

Monthly Photography (10 new photos per month) $350/mo
Monthly Animation Videos (15 Seconds) $200/mo
Monthly Blogging (2,500 words each) $500/mo
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Get the opportunity to use our social media service for all the social media platforms below. Schedule a free meeting with our digital marketing experts if you want to explore and learn more about the SMM services of our company.


Our team of experts will help you grow your business by generating leads and increasing traffic on your page.


Build your audience by posting a picture. Engage with the audience of the social media platform and increase your reach.


Twitter helps in building a trusting relationship. It can also help in gaining popularity for your brand and engage with people of all ages.


Sell the products on the most selling product website. Be it any kind of consumer product, you can reach your target audience through it.


Get in touch with the business owners and people belonging to different professionals . The targeted audience of LinkedIn is of age 25 and over.


Our Social Media Marketing Services

We can provide you the advice of our professional expert in getting the estimate according to your needs.

Social Media Marketing Services

Improve your Social Media Presence

Do you want a productive idea to grow your enterprise, create brand awareness or increase website traffic? Then mark your presence on social media! Visit our social media marketing services and create a strong social media presence of your business. Contact us to get started!

Develop Brand Awareness (Followers)

With the help of our social media marketing services, you can increase your audience reach and followers by building a profile with the relevant people to develop relationships. Our team will ensure that your audience matches the behavior, interests, and demographics of your typical audience.

Build Relationships (Engagement)

Building connection with audience is what creates the brand. Engagement has the utmost importance and engaging the audience is what helps in growing. The more stronger relationship you have, the more it will benefit your brand.

Increasing Website Exposure (Traffic & Conversions)

Creating exposure for the audience is what helps in bringing traffic and conversions to the brand and product. Our team will help you to re-target social ads and stay in front of website to attract more viewers and eventually increasing sales.

Is Being Active On Social Media Platforms Important To Your Business?

Social Media Presence Matters

People usually interact with brands because they have trust on them. The engagement leads to the building of trust that helps in gathering the target audience for generating leads. This is the place where social media marketing comes to the rescue. Social media marketing helps in building an aura of brand and raising brand awareness among the audience.  Do you want to know by fact that how really is social media? Check out the statistics.
66% of Facebook users

Like and follow the various brands on Facebook.

53% of Purchased

Users products when it reached to them through Twitter.

77% of Twitter users

Feel positive about certain brand when their tweets get replied to.

74% of Facebook users

Responded that they use their Facebook almost every day.

89% of online marketers

Says that Instagram has been very useful in influencer marketing.

90% of Instagram users

Says that they mostly follow business accounts on this social platform.

83% of Pinners

Purchased the product based on the content they saw from Pinterest.

90M of LinkedIn users

Are senior influencers, with over 63 million people are in decision making position.


Social Media Marketing Graphic Examples

Our Proven Effective Social Media Marketing Process

Get A Dedicated Social Media Account Manager

A social media account manager will be specifically dedicated to create the strategy and implement it. This person will work as your primary contact and learn about your business. Get in daily communication with your social media manager through the medium that is feasible for you both i.e. call or email to take daily updates.

Develop A Marketing Strategy Specifically For Your Business

Competitive analysis is what helps in developing the strategy. We will develop the strategy for you business after doing research and will implement it with guaranteed results. Also, we will work on getting advertising strategy for better success in results.

Develop Engaging Content Calendars And Posts.

Clear communication is the key towards success, after you agree with our strategy, the execution of the plan will start. Our team will work on creating customized posts for your brand so that it will look unique and stand out from other brands.

Growth Optimization And Daily Maintenance

We believe in optimizing the growth and daily management of the accounts along with monitoring all the social media activities i.e. comments, likes, messages, and reviews. Our aim is to be as responsive as possible and thus our team responds within 24 hours of an activity. All the growth that you will get is through organic sources and tactics (quizzes, contests, hashtags, etc) to grow your accounts on social media.

Reporting And Communication

Monthly reports will be prepared in order to give you the overview of what our monthly plan is. Your social media manager will prepare it and you will have 24/7 access to our reporting software so that you can constantly view the progress. The meetings can be scheduled as per your convenience to discuss the progress.

Why Choose Our Social Media Marketing Services

You will have no surprises

You are the incharge of your social media marketing. We will provide you with the strategy and you can approve it based on your brand requirements. Our team will take a task and execute it till the end and very little effort is required from your end.

Low-risk contracts

We generate great results with the optimization of our services. We are backed with high integrity and will earn trust by our dedicated work towards your valuable brand.

Get more for your money

Don’t spend your entire budget on social media agency. We got you covered with our excellent services within the range of your pocket. You will be paying us only for the true cost of services we are providing. This will not only help us but also you in investing in other advertisements.

Be Ready To Take Your Social Media To The Next Level?

our team
Trends are what create a brand. As social media is continuously evolving and almost every day a new trend pops up that sets a new standard. This is what makes it crucial for marketers to themselves updated about the changes and trends.
Plan Z Creatives is always on the toes. Our team is always up to date; If you work with us you will be assured that our team will align all the strategies with the latest trends. And you know what does that mean? It means that your business will get ahead of the competition.
The Guarantee

Let's hear what our past clients' say about us.

Super creative and responsive.

Always a pleasure working with them! Love the great ideas and creative designs from the team.
Shahzeb Younas
Marketing Director

Excellent services with creative art.

They develop the brand identity for Linton films, we are thoroughly impressed and would recommend them to anyone looking for an amazing brand identity.
Ayyaz Arshad Ansari
Digital Media Producer

Working with Plan Z was a pleasure!

They delivered an end result better than our expectations. More importantly our project required a lot of patience and attention-to-detail and we were not disappointed. 10/10 would recommend!
Abeer Jawed
Marketing Manager

A little about us

People are recognized with whom they are surrounded by, and we have proudly collaborated with some of the top brands and startups across Pakistan and other countries like UAE, USA and Germany. This has enabled us to help and support various companies over the period of time.

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Call/message us to clear any of your confusions and queries. We are here to help and answer your questions.
Contact us at [email protected] or call us directly at +92 335 5575269.

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Helping others is what makes us human. Be sure to spread the word with your friends and family, we appreciate growing collectively and helping people.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect about the results?

Performance can be judged looking at engagements, followers, website traffic and most importantly conversions. These indicators influence sales and you will see the increase in metrics through our work. Your progress will be tracked by us to see your growth.

What amount of new followers can I expect each month?

Usually growth is dependent on the effective strategy of our team. On Facebook, growth is based on advertising campaigns. While on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest our clients see the boost to 100-250 followers monthly.

What will be monthly website traffic on my site?

Your organic traffic will increase as our social media team focuses more on developing engagement with followers that will result in growth of new followers. You can see our paid social media advertising service to get the instant increase in traffic.

How soon should I expect to see results?

Our clients normally see the results within first 30 days. The results are increase in engagement and followers. Further it continues with the coming months.
This is recommended by us that you should try this service for 6-12 months to see the effectiveness. As our team is more inclined towards increase in engagements and followers. However, if you want instant results you can use our paid services on social media advertising.


How long are the contracts?

The initial contract of our agency is of 3 months. You will be serviced on monthly basis after the successful completion of our 3 months contract. You can cancel at anytime you want but with a 30 day notice either through written medium or digital. After your notice, we will cancel our services within 30 days and give back to you the information we have.

Are you going to take setup fee?

The fee is one-time for set up. It is a start on our end to get your campaign started. Your setup will be made on our analytics system, search engines, and will also set up necessary advertising accounts for your brand.

How much time it will take to start the campaign?

The moment you are ready we are ready, contact us. Our sales consultant will be there to help you prepare the best proposal. After your approval, we will send you the contract and then we will start the campaign.


Who will work on my account?

A trained social media manager will be assigned to do your marketing who will have experience in your industry. You will contact through that person. All of our content and graphics will be reached to you after an internal review to directly provide you with best quality work.

How will you get to know about our business?

Questionnaire helps in getting the authentic data from the main source. We will send you questionnaire to gather data about your company and will ask additional questions when required to fully understand the main course of your business. We will further discuss with you about your mindset on call and then will make social media strategy for perfect results.

Will you need content?

No, it is not necessary. But if you have content we will be more than happy to use it in your favor.
Your social media manager will create unique content and we will work on stock photography, designing and other sources. We can work on this for the engagement of your audience.

How will the followers grow?

We can help you grow your followers through both paid and organic approaches. For organic growth we will implement various strategies without the requirement of additional budget. For paid approach, we need to get advertising budget.

Will the pages be monitored for comments, reviews and messages?

Yes, the assigned social media manager will monitor all the engagements. If the answer is known to us, we will respond otherwise that query will be directed to you via email.

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